Choosing the Perfect Bird House: Part 2

So you want to put a birdhouse in your yard- but is your yard a good place for it? And where in the yard should you put it? To answer these questions, research what habitat your favorite bird species prefers, and examine your yard to see if it provides enough shelter, food and water.

Keeping Birds Safe with the Proper Shelter

Place the birdhouse near good bird habitat. Look around your property- look for shrubs or brush-piles that might attract wrens and titmice. Stable piles of rocks may also attract wrens- they may even build natural nests in the rocks’ gaps. Woodpeckers may prefer groves of trees. Bluebirds and swallows often prefer open fields or grasslands near their nests.

Choosing the Proper Food May Depend on the Bird Species:

Any bird will be more likely to move in if there is access to their favorite food. Most birds need more than just store-bought seed from a birdfeeder – they’ll also hunt for native insects, local seeds, or fruit to feed their chicks. Consider adding native plants to your landscaping- local bird organizations can provide you with a list of bird-friendly trees and shrubs. If you’re hoping to attract woodpeckers, keep as many standing dead trees as you can in your yard. These snags are a gold mine of food for many species- woodpeckers, chickadees and nuthatches, to name just a few.

Hydration is Essential for Proper Health and Bird Care:

When you repair or construct your bird house, you need to consider whether the bird has access to a supply of water for drinking and bathing. Most birds need water each day and making sure that there is a water supply close to the bird house will encourage the birds to use and roost in the bird house. Adding a water source such as a pond or bird bath is something that the birds will enjoy and will enhance your enjoyment of bird watching.

We hope that you have enjoyed this two part feature article about building a perfect bird house. For any of our readers, if you want to leave a comment about your own experience constructing or repairing bird houses, or observations about birds, then we welcome your comments on our forum where we regularly feature discussions about topics such as bird care or habitats.