Growing Herbs for Pet Birds

Today, more is known about caring for pet birds than in previous years, and good nutritious foods and products are available on the market to ensure the health and well-being of birds kept in captivity. There are natural ways to take care of birds and an increasing number of bird owners are looking to herbs, not only as a treat and to offer a little change in diet but also to enhance the health of their pets.

Herbs are easy to grow on a window sill or in the garden and do not require a lot of maintenance. The herbs are also used by pet owners to liven up their own meals, and therefore benefit both the owner and the birds. Some herbs have aroma therapeutic properties and birds love to shred them, while others can be fun and healthy for a pet bird to eat.

Some of the herbs that are widely used amongst bird owners include lemon balm, oregano, bee balm (Monarda), borage blossoms, bottlebrush, coriander/cilantro, dandelion, rosemary, sage, fennel, thyme, anise, kelp, chickweed, garlic, milk thistle seed, lavender, dill and basil.

Oregano is an herb that many parrot species enjoy tremendously. Most birds are also greatly appreciative if a piece of fresh thyme makes it into their feed bowl. Not only does thyme smell great but it eradicates worms, helps with diarrhea and has antibacterial properties. Another antibacterial is garlic, which is good for the immune system and heart and carries antioxidant and antifungal properties. Kelp is a very good herbal additive as it serves as a stimulant and assists in protecting mucous membranes. Many herbs assist in the prevention of respiratory problems, heart and liver conditions and various other ailments that birds suffer from, adding vitamins and needed natural medicinal elements to their diets.

Bird owners should look into the healing and health elements of herbs, choosing an herbs that will benefit their birds. With a vast range of herbal treatments, remedies and fresh herb treats, birds will be able to fill their bodies with natural vitamins and oils, thus improving and maintaining their condition. Over and above the peace of mind that your pet is enjoying a healthy diet, the joy of watching them shred their herbs in priceless, as is the pride you can take in growing a herb garden.