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  • Nutrition

    Bird nutrition is vital for your pet bird to remain happy and healthy. A balanced diet will ensure that your bird will live a long healthy life and be able to cope with mental and physical stress. An unbalanced diet will lead to poor health, and perhaps even death. Of importance is the fact that […]

  • Attracting Birds

    Attracting birds to your garden can be a most rewarding activity, providing countless opportunities to enjoy bird watching in your own back yard. There is no need for a bird cage to gain pleasure from viewing and listening to these beautiful winged creatures. There are three basic requirements for attracting birds to your garden, namely: […]

  • The Pleasure of Pet Duck Ownership

    When seeing a cute little duckling, many an animal-lover is tempted to pick it up, cuddle it and take it home. This urge can become almost impossible to resist if the animal-lover is ...

  • The Joy of Owning Finches

    Finches are known for their lively personalities. At a maximum length of approximately twenty centimeters, what they lack in size, they make up for in activity. For many years, finches have ...

  • Choosing the Perfect Bird House: Part 2

    So you want to put a birdhouse in your yard- but is your yard a good place for it? And where in the yard should you put it? To answer these questions, research what habitat your favorite bird ...

  • Loons Haunting Calls

    Visitors to northern-hemisphere lakes often hear loons (known as divers in Europe and Asia). Most of the 5 loon species make haunting, wailing calls that, once heard, are difficult to forget.

  • Desert Birds: How Do Birds Drink Water? Part 1

    Like all animals, birds need water in order to survive. They need even more water than mammals do, to help fuel their energetic flight. So how do birds, especially ones that live in deserts, ...

  • How do birds drink?

    Birds need water to survive. This includes ocean birds that are flying far out over the ocean, like gulls, petrels, and albatross. They may be far from shore for months or even years at a time, ...

  • Waterproof feathers – Birds

    "Like water off a duck's back", goes the common expression. When raindrops hit the "waterproof" feathers on a duck, they bead up and do not penetrate the feathers. How does this work?