The Pleasure of Pet Duck Ownership

When seeing a cute little duckling, many an animal-lover is tempted to pick it up, cuddle it and take it home. This urge can become almost impossible to resist if the animal-lover is accompanied by children. Ducks make wonderful pets, but before making a commitment to care for a pet duck that could be around for up to twelve years, it is wise to give the matter careful thought, weighing up (and even writing down if necessary) the pros and cons of adding this fluffy little bird to the household.

Experts readily agree that ducks are very sociable birds and, unless the owner has loads of time to spend with it, they should not be raised alone. Ducklings should be bought as young as possible in order for the owner-pet bond to be strong. A duckling will adapt to the household and other pets fairly easily if introduced at a young age. Some duck owners even adopt their pet birds as eggs and act as mothers from the time the little duckling emerges. Once that bond is formed, it is permanent and can be very rewarding.

Ducklings raised without their mother must be given an artificial heat source for the first four to five weeks of their lives. This can be provided by a heat lamp positioned in one corner of the enclosure, with sufficient room for the ducklings to move away if they get too hot. Many have found that a vinyl child’s pool on a wire framework well. This can always be used as a swimming pool for the ducklings when they are a bit older. The duckling’s area should be lined with an absorbent material such as wood shavings, and droppings must be picked up on a daily basis – a cat litter scoop will do the job.

Ducklings can be fed on game bird starter which is found at most farm supply stores. Chick starter food is not suitable for ducks as it does not have the correct nutrients for development. Ducklings also need some fresh chopped vegetable greens daily. Mixed greens from the greengrocer and weeds from your garden will give them what they need. Ducks must always have a supply of water nearby when they are feeding. They use this to wash the food down and they need to keep the vents on their beaks clean. Bread, popcorn and chips should be considered as junk food and not given to ducks. They will thrive on garden bugs, snails, worms of all descriptions, mosquito larvae and whatever creepy-crawly comes their way. Ducks are adept at catching flies and mosquitoes that may buzz by. Absolutely no pesticides should be used in a garden that is a duck’s feeding ground. A duck’s garden diet should be supplemented with cracked corn, floating coy food and fresh vegetable trimmings.

Once the ducklings are old enough to move outside they must have some type of shelter from the elements and sufficient water to allow them to dip their heads right under. This is necessary to prevent their eyes from becoming dry which could lead to cataracts.

Duck owners will agree that not only are these lovely birds good and loyal pets, they are useful too by ridding the garden of pests. So if you have what it takes to be a duck owner, you can be sure of years of love and entertainment from your feathered friend.


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The majority of us matured watching funny animation ducks and also going to genuine ones at our local parks and fish ponds. We picnicked, they swayed around, as well as everybody went house pleased. So, could it actually be that tough to take in as well as look after ducklings? Yes. For beginners, you can not take on simply one.

Ducklings are almost impossible to sex, so if you’re really hoping for a specific male/female combination, you possibly will not get what you want if you acquire them as babies. In an initial couple of weeks of their lives, they likewise need heat lights, which have created various house fires. And if ducklings imprint on you, you can not leave them alone at all even briefly until they’re weaned without traumatizing them.

Letting the birds rest inside is a good idea in order to shield them from nighttime predators, however, they require time as well as an area to check out outdoors and also access to a huge, tidy body of water with a filter. Some short articles suggest that a kiddie swimming pool suffices, yet grown-up ducks need a much bigger area to swim in to obtain enough exercise – duck as a pet.

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If they need to be left alone, they have to be kept safe in a pen made with strong material, such as cord mesh, that can not be easily torn into by predators. The enclosure ought to additionally give sanctuary from the sun and rain. Ducks generally relieve themselves regarding every fifty percent hr, and they can’t be trained to do so in a particular place, so the coop, food, water containers, and swimming location (if it does not have an effective filter) will require to be cleaned up on a daily basis.

Some people allegedly maintain baby diapers on their ducks to keep the floors clean, yet this is incredibly awkward, abnormal, and confusing for the birds. As well as the baby diapers would need to be altered various times a day. Ducks can additionally be loud, and also their noise might elicit grievances from next-door neighbors. When they’re discovering to fly, they are unstable and will likely collapse into TVs, planters, lamps, vases, and anything else that remains in their way.

Guardians need to be hypervigilant concerning placing away items that ducks might potentially swallow. Like several pets, ducks can come to be territorial. They’ve been known to attack complete strangers who enter their location, usually leaving contusions as well as putting the pets in danger of being harmed in retaliation (duck as a pet). Finding a vet who can deal with the types might be difficult, and numerous emergency situation veterinarians don’t have experience with them.

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They’ll likewise require to discover a qualified sitter and see to it that ducks are permitted in their neighborhood territory. By legislation, ill or orphaned ducks need to be committed expert wildlife rehabilitators that have the centers as well as training that these fragile pets need. The experts can provide the very best chance for survival and also return them to their groups when prepared.

Image using Dr. Sandra Mitchell, DVM Have you ever seen some ducks swimming contentedly in a park pond and also asked yourself on your own whether you can keep ducks as pets? Well, you are not the only one. An increasing number of people are bringing ducks home to be a component of their lives.

If you are taking into consideration including animal ducks in your household, the primary step is to see if your local town permits you to maintain ducks as pet dogs. Some locations won’t permit any chicken to be kept as pet dogs (e. g., no ducks or hens). Some cities will allow only hens, as well as some, are extra versatile.

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Make sure you understand what your community permits; there is definitely absolutely nothing worse for you (or your birds!) to adhere, attached and then required to provide up due to the fact that you really did not obey the local guidelines. So, what are some reasons you should take into consideration having ducks like animals? They are feathery spheres of character! Everyone is various, and it is truly fun being familiar with them as people.

They are relatively long-lived petsit’s feasible for them to live 10-15 years when well taken care of. Bear in mind that they generate GREAT DEALS OF manure. So, they are great pet dogs if you have a yard. They are likewise much less damaging on your lawn and also landscape design than hens are. And, they consume great deals of pests in the process! Ducks are quite high upkeep compared to poultries.

There is a great deal of cleanup to be performed with ducks and it is frequently a damp, odiferous mess. Considering that family pet ducks typically are incapable to fly, they are a huge target when it comes to regional wild animal predators. That suggests that you will require to provide them with hawk covers, which should be placed over their pens.