The Joy of Owning Finches

Finches are known for their lively personalities. At a maximum length of approximately twenty centimeters, what they lack in size, they make up for in activity. For many years, finches have been kept as pets because of their beauty and their natural ability to bring sunshine into their owners’ lives. They are extremely low maintenance pets and perfect for bird lovers who live in small apartments. Proper care for these lively pets can ensure a long and healthy life that could span between five to ten years.

Before heading for the nearest pet shop to purchase a new family member, there are a few important factors that new owners should be aware of. This amazing bird species doesn’t need and seldom wants, human interaction. They are quite happy not being forced into social behavior with humans, but they do need a partner, so new owners must be prepared to purchase at least two finches. Cages do not have to be massive, but finches are extremely active and need room to move and fly. It is also vital to keep the cage out of a draft, because, although finches are hardy birds, a draft could cause illness. Many finch owners have moved away from traditional cages, and prefer setting their feathered friends free in a small aviary, with an environment that is as natural as possible. They are not destructive birds, so wooden cages can be built to blend in with the living room furniture.

The dietary needs of finches should be carefully met. Instead of only feeding seeds, they love to receive a little fruit, vegetables, hard-boiled eggs and a bit of cuttlebone. This brings color and variety into their diets and also increases their life expectancy. During the hot summer months, finches love to play around in a fresh bowl of cool water, so it is recommended that owners leave a bowl of water for them on the bottom of the cage. Cages should be cleaned at least every second day, with fresh water and food every morning.

Finches are an extremely sociable bird species, and are not aggressive towards humans, other pets or children. Some finches, with a lot of handling, will allow themselves to be touched, while others will tolerate the contact for as long as it takes to clip their nails. They also do not adjust well to stressful environments, such as constantly barking dogs or children that keep trying to poke their fingers into the cage. It is therefore the responsibility of the pet owner to teach children and visitors how to approach the cage without causing stress and fear to the birds.

So many pets are bought, including finches, because they are considered to be beautiful or cute. New pet owners should ensure that they learn as much as possible about their pet, or bird species, before purchasing them. But in general, finches make wonderful pets, bringing life and energy into every home.