The RSPB’s Feed the Birds Day

Most of us take for granted the cheerful song of the many wild birds that frequent our gardens and fill the air with joy. Their presence is merely accepted as part of a daily routine. But when the afternoons become quiet and garden starts to loose its color, we wonder where our feathered friends have gone, and why. One organization that has chosen to address the issues of wild birds is the RSPB in the United Kingdom. They launched a project called Feed the Birds Day, to bring attention to the needs and difficulties that birds often face.

Feed the Birds Day brings awareness to the public and to bird watching enthusiasts about the importance of feeding wild birds and how minor adjustments in the garden can assist them throughout the year. This year, Feed the Birds Day will take place on 27 October 2007. There will also be many other events and bird related projects taking place closer to and during the weekend. Not only can homeowners create a garden paradise filled with birds of all shapes and sizes, but feeding birds is also a convenient way of exposing children to wildlife and teaching them about the importance of nature.

During this time many questions are raised in regard to bird feeders and the correct types of food. Different food and presentation can attract specific bird species to a garden and most wild birds need the additional assistance. Winter months can be dreadful for birds, especially for those who live within the city limits. Not only must they fight off the icy weather conditions, but food sources become scarce. Limited food supplies can also dramatically effect the breeding seasons of the birds. Feed the Birds Day therefore tries to encourage the public to take note of these challenges, and to help the birds.

There are many different seed mixes available in pet shops and stores that already have a balanced mix of sunflower seeds, peanut granules and maize. A concentrated mix will attract a vast variety of birds such as finches and sparrows that are attracted by small seeds, blackbirds by maize and greenfinches by peanuts. It is recommended that milk, dried dog biscuits or vegetable oils are not added to the bird feed mixes. Cooked rice (without salt), breakfast cereal and meaty dog food can also be put out. When putting up bird feeders and feeding tables, it is important to remember that a supply of water is essential.

Once the neighborhood birds start realizing that there is a tasty supply of food and water in a garden, all the homeowner or birding watching lover needs to do is sit back and enjoy the color and song. Feed the Birds Day is a wonderful initiative to support. It does not cost a fortune, but the aid provided to wild birds is priceless. To assist in conservation of wildlife from the comfort of your garden, put up a bird feeder and help these precious gems of skies live long and healthy lives.