Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival

For the last couple of years Southeast Georgia has been home to a wonderful annual birding and nature festival. The event spotlights the numerous bird species that make use of the different Georgian habitats and caters to almost everyone – from causal nature enthusiasts to more experienced birders.

This year will be no different. The plans have been drawn up and the bookings have been made for Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival 2008. Pete Dunne has been chosen as the keynote speaker for the festival and already the birds are arriving, promising birders a great opportunity to see as much bird life as possible. In fact the area is just teeming with life. Salt marshes, woodlands, freshwater wetlands, shorelines, barrier islands, tidal rivers and old rice fields are all home to fascinating and often distinct bird communities that make for fantastic bird watching. The 2008 festival will feature field trips to more than 25 different natural areas, enabling visitors to make the most of this fantastic natural area. When you combine the exciting field trips with the informative seminars and great association, you’ll find that Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding & Nature Festival is an unbeatable gem that simply shouldn’t be missed!

Not everyone who attends the festival is strictly a bird watcher. The show caters to nature lovers of all kinds and you’ll find that nature day activities combine birds with other elements of nature to appeal to all kinds of people. Beach and marsh walks provide the perfect way to while away a few hours, while the raptor show will provide ample inspiration for anyone who gives the beginning birding course a try. There will be reptiles, sharks, animal tracking and even a segment that deals with the role that Southern Birds have played in Native American culture. Add to that the bird watching opportunities and field trips and you’ll find you’ll run out of time before you run out of things to do. Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding and Nature Festival will be held on Jekyll Island in Georgia from October 9 to 13, 2008. Book your accommodation now to make sure that you don’t miss out on this great birding and nature event!