Seaway Trail Has Reputation for Excellence

Situated along the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River in New York State, the Seaway Trail is a bird watcher’s haven. This is a place where you will find a massive variety of songbirds, raptors, waterfowl and shorebirds in one relatively small area. Most people are not even aware it exists and are surprised to learn that this bountiful bird refuge is located right on their doorstep.

It seems all that is about to change. Local birding groups have joined forces with Seaway Trail Inc. to do their utmost to promote the region as a premier birding destination. Seaway Trail Inc. is a not-for-profit tourism organization, so they could definitely use the extra help. The idea is to make use of an on-going series of promotional events that last the entire year and essentially helps to promote the Seaway Trail. Promoters are also working on a birding guidebook to the region, which comes complete with a CD to help birders identify the different species more easily. They ultimately hope that birders will quickly see what an exceptional ornithological resource the Seaway Trail is – and the fact that it is just a few hours away from some major cities is a definite plus. Those in the know say that the trail may potentially rival other premier birding destinations such as Cape May in New Jersey, The World Birding Center in Texas and Delmarva Peninsula in Chesapeake Bay. And, with more and more people looking for easy ways to get back to nature and relax a little, an easy to reach wilderness spot like the Seaway Trail is ideal.

The Seaway Trail is 518 miles in length and home to a wide variety of bird habitats, making for exceptional bird diversity. Those looking to get started on the trail would do best to make a stop at the trail’s headquarters in Sackets Harbor, where they will not only be given an introduction to bird watching in the region, but they will also be supplied with a number of maps and brochures that will point out hot spots to make life easier. You can expect to easily see birds such as warblers, orioles, flycatchers, sparrows, cuckoos, tanagers and thrushes – all in the same morning! So if you live in New York State and you’ve never enjoyed this fantastic natural feature before, make sure you get down to the Seaway Trail as soon as you can.