Gardening Techniques to Attract Wild Birds

Do you enjoy observing the antics of wild birds as they chatter away to each other? Is a bird song in the morning like music to your ears? If the answer is yes, maybe you should consider creating or improving your garden to will attract ore varieties of bird species to your home.

Naturally, wild birds are attracted to areas that provide food, water and cover (protection from weather and invading predators) and an area nesting. So to create that perfect garden and to attract birds, bird experts recommend careful planning and landscaping to maximize to attract and most diverse numbers of birds to your property. Experts recommend that a perfect habitat will offer birds a variety of native trees, shrubs, ground cover, vines, and wildflowers- each of which will provide both food and shelter.

By nature, birds are drawn to the functional benefits served by plants, which are more important than appearance. Bird enthusiasts are encouraged to choose plants not only based upon attractiveness but also on the purpose that each plant will serve. For example, trees and shrubs are ideal for meeting the needs of local birds. A less spacious garden can still be graced with a variety of useful plants so the size of the garden is not important to attract wild birds. The trick is to know which plants to use and how to properly position them. Another good idea is to grow plants in groups particularly in a smaller garden space.

Garden plants also have different qualities for attracting birds, and plants can be grouped into categories according to these characteristics. One category is the thorny, twiggy, or evergreen flora which provides shelter and protection from predators. Another second is the nut-, fruit-, seed- and nectar-bearing plants are known to provide nourishment.

These are just a few of ideas that bird watchers and bird enthusiasts can consider when trying attracting birds into garden spots and hideaways. With the popularity of birding and with high season upon us, try creating your own bird sanctuary and experience what Mother Nature has to offer by attracting wild birds to your garden. Your planning and effort will be handsomely rewarded.