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  • Oology – The Study of Bird Eggs

    Oology – The Study of Bird Eggs

    Oology can have two meanings. It is used to either refer to the study of bird eggs, or it can be used to describe the collecting of bird eggs. Even though the name is the same, the impact on ...

  • Cats are Number One Threat to Birds

    Cats are Number One Threat to Birds

    According to a report by the American Bird conservancy, cats are responsible for the deaths of between 500 million to one billion birds each year in the United States. These figures include ...

  • Study Sheds Light on Bird Collisions

    Study Sheds Light on Bird Collisions

    It seems that the engineering feats of humans, such as wind turbines, telephone poles, pylons and buildings, are accidently causing the death of many birds. As birds are considered creatures ...

  • Migrating Birds May See Earth’s Magnetic Field

    The accuracy with which migrating birds head for, and find, their chosen destination has been a source of wonder for many. Research has revealed many interesting facts over the years and many ...

  • Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary in South Africa

    Any bird watchers planning to travel to South Africa should definitely make the effort to visit the Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary combines great food with a large habitat, which ...

  • Marbled Murrelet – A Seabird at Risk

    Marbled Murrelets make an odd conservation story. No other seabird creates a conservation problem for timber companies!

  • Bird Banding

    Bird banding (also called bird ringing) is an important tool for bird research and studies. Scientists put numbered metal bands around a bird's leg, and keep track of where the birds are recaptured.

  • Ode to Robert Stroud – Birds

    Burt Lancaster would be proud. More than 40 years after the film "The Birdman of Alcatraz" hit movie theaters, the name of Robert Stroud -- while not necessarily a household word -- is still ...