Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae)

Known for being the smallest of all birds, the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) weighs only about 1.8 grams and is about 5 cm (2 inches) in length. The male of the species is smaller than the female and it is only found on the Isle of Pines and in Cuba. Unfortunately, this pretty little bird is classified as Threatened due to diminishing numbers in more recent years. The decrease in Bee Hummingbird populations has been brought about mainly by the loss of habitat due to crop farming, timber felling and livestock farming. These forms of human encroachment have negatively impacted the subtropical and tropical forests and swamplands that sustain the Bee Hummingbird, causing the bird to be confined to limited suitable habitats.

The male Bee Hummingbird has spectacular coloring. His entire head and throat are an iridescent red-pink and he has elongated lateral plumes. The top of his body is bluish in color while his underparts are a grayish white. These colors only become evident during breeding season and are shed shortly afterward. Non-breeding males have blue spots on their wingtips and black tail tips which helps to differentiate them from the females which have white spots on their tail feathers. The female is less spectacularly colored, having only a blue-green back and grayish underbelly and generally looking somewhat disheveled.

Despite its diminutive size, the Bee Hummingbird is an amazing creature. In flight it beats its wings as many as 80 times per second. What’s more, when it is involved in a courtship display a male hummingbird’s wings may beat as many as 200 times per second! In order to pump blood around its tiny little body, the Bee Hummingbird’s heart rate is spectacularly fast. In fact, it is the second-fastest of all animals. It has fewer feathers than all other birds, as well as the highest body temperature of all birds, eating up to half its body mass in one day. It also drinks plenty of water-consuming roughly eight times its body mass on a daily basis. The Bee Hummingbird eats mainly nectar and insects, nesting in woodlands, shrubbery and gardens.


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Species of the bird The hummingbird, zunzuncito or Helena hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) is a species of hummingbird that is the globe’s tiniest bird. It is native to Cuba. The hummingbird is the smallest living bird. Ladies consider 2. 6 g (0. 092 oz) as well as are 6. 1 cm (2.

95 g (0. 069 oz) and length of 5. 5 centimeters (2. 2 in). Like all hummingbirds, it is a swift, solid flier. The man has an environment-friendly pileum and bright red throat, iridescent gorget with lengthened side plumes, blue upperparts, and the remainder of the underparts mostly greyish white. bee hummingbird size.

The female is environment-friendly above, whitish below, with white tips to the external tail plumes. Compared to various other small hummingbirds, which frequently have a slim appearance, the bee hummingbird looks rounded and also plump. Female hummingbirds are bluish eco-friendly with a light gray underside. The tips of their tail feathers have white places.

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The female lays only two eggs each time, each concerning the dimension of a coffee bean. The great, rainbowlike colors of the hummingbird’s feathers make the bird appear like a tiny gem. The iridescence is not constantly recognizable, yet depends on the viewing angle. The bird’s slim, pointed expense is adjusted for penetrating deep right into flowers.

In the process of feeding, the bird chooses up plant pollen on its costs and head. When it flies from flower to flower, it moves the plant pollen. By doing this, it plays a crucial duty in plant recreation. Someday, the hummingbird might visit 1,500 flowers. Adult male non-breeding The bee hummingbird has been reported to see 10 plant types, 9 of them belonging to Cuba.

They sometimes eat insects and also spiders. On a normal day, bee hummingbirds will take in approximately half their body weight in food. The hummingbird is native to the entire Cuban archipelago, including the main island of Cuba and also the Isla de la Juventud in the West Indies. Its population is fragmented, found in Cuba’s mote locations in Pinar del Rio province as well as even more generally in Zapata Swamp (Matanzas district) as well as in eastern Cuba, with recommendation regions in Alexander Humboldt National Park and Baitiquir Ecological Reserve (Guantanamo province) and also Gibara as well as Sierra Cristal (Holguin district).

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They disabled to two eggs at once. Men in the “bee” hummingbird clade court ladies with sound from tailfeathers, which flutter throughout display screen dives. Making use of littles cobwebs, bark, as well as lichen, the women construct a cup-shaped nest that is about 2. 5 centimeters (0. 98 in) in size – bee hummingbird size.

There she lays her eggs, which are no bigger than a coffee bean. She alone incubates the eggs and also raises the young. The bee hummingbird communication with the flowers that supply nectar is a noteworthy instance of bird plant coevolution with its primary food source (blossoms for nectar). BirdLife International (2016 ).

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