• Mynahs as Pet Birds

    Mynahs as Pet Birds

    Mynah's make fascinating pets and are the best mimics in the world of birds. Categorized amonst the softbills, these playful birds require special care, especially when it comes to diet.

  • Pet Birds: Green-Rumped Parrotlets

    Pet Birds: Green-Rumped Parrotlets

    Green-rumped parrotlets are the second most popular species of parrotlets. Green-rumps (Forpus passerinus) are a bright, beautiful emerald green.

  • Pet Birds: Yellow-Faced Parrotlets

    Pet Birds: Yellow-Faced Parrotlets

    Yellow-faced parrotlets (Forpus xanthops) are beautiful birds. They are green with gray and bright, beautiful, sunny yellow faces. Although they are small, they are smart and may learn to do ...

  • Pet Birds: Budgies

    Pet Birds: Budgies

    Budgies are extremely popular little birds, having been around for decades. They come in many different colors; including green, white, blue, yellow, and mixtures of different colors. Although ...

  • Pet Birds: Cockatiels

    Pet Birds: Cockatiels

    Cockatiels are well known little birds. They are popular with first-time bird owners and master aviculturists alike. They are fairly quiet little guys, but if they do not have enough time ...

  • Parrotlet Color Mutations

    Parrotlet Color Mutations

    Parrotlets are sweet, feisty little birds with a love for life. These little guys come in a range of colors. Hopefully after reading this you will have a better idea of these mutations and will ...

  • Parrotlet or Parakeet- What Is the Difference?

    Parrotlet or Parakeet- What Is the Difference?

    When you go to buy your first parrot at the pet store, you notice the tags on the cages: Parrotlet. Parakeet. You wrinkle your brow. Huh? They look similar to each other. What is the difference? ...

  • Top Three Parrots for Kids

    Top Three Parrots for Kids

    Most people purchase their child a parrot without realizing the full responsibility of caring for these creatures. While this does not mean parrots make poor pets, they are a challenge to care ...

  • Sigurgeirs Bird Museum in Iceland

    Sigurgeirs Bird Museum in Iceland

    Surrounded by volcanic landforms and wetlands, Lake Mývatn, located near the Krafla volcano in the north of Iceland, is home to a wide range of birdlife, particularly waterfowl. Its rich ...

  • Sun Conures

    Sun Conures

    Sun conures are a medium-sized parrot. They are green with a yellow head and breast. They look similar to Jenday Conures and the now extinct Carolina Parakeets. Sun conures are known for having ...