The Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival

If you love birds, live in Florida and would like to make some new friends, why not consider being a part of this year’s Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival? This great annual event is the perfect place for bird lovers and amateur botanists to get better acquainted.

Imagine a bird festival that allows you to take your time touring a breathtaking bay preserve until a spectacular sunset lets you know that it is time to finish-up for the night. Of course, there is more to the St Joseph Bay Preserves Center than just birds – the entire area is teeming with plant and animal life which gives the festival an added edge. In fact, any animal lover will feel at home here in amongst this dynamic group of individuals who have gathered together to make the most of this pristine wildlife preservation center. You may be fortunate enough to spot mammals like deer and bats or you might find your tour sponsor dredging up some fascinating marine creatures from the depths of the bay. Of course, there is also a wonderful abundance of plant life on the banks of the preserve where these mammals and birds have chosen to make their homes. All of this makes for the perfect setting for an annual birding and wildflower festival.

So what else can you expect to enjoy at the festival? There are field trips, lectures, barbeques and shrimp boils. Great association with likeminded people and comfortable lodgings provide the ‘cherry on the top’ to the annual festivities. The Annual Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival will be held on October 6th during 2007 at the St Joseph Bay Buffer and Aquatic Preserves. Anyone is welcome and you simply need to contact event organizers to guarantee a place for yourself at this great event. So start packing your favorite bird-watching gear, get on the phone and make a booking to ensure that you are part of this year’s Annual Florida Panhandle Birding and Wildflower Festival. It’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends, discover new things about nature and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.