OspreyFest 2008 in New Mexico

Not many people will try to argue that the sight of a beautiful white and black osprey soaring through the air isn’t beautiful. These stunning birds of prey are widespread in many parts of the United States and thousands of people can easily spot them in their neighborhood. Despite their widespread coverage of other parts of the continent, they have been absent from Northern New Mexico for some time now – until recently that is.

The 2008 Osprey Fest has been created in celebration of the fact that these majestic birds have returned to the northern parts of New Mexico. It will take place at Heron Lake State Park in the breathtaking Chama River Valley and will no doubt see thousands of excited birders in the region making the most of this fantastic opportunity to see these birds nesting and breeding successfully in the area. Heron Lake State Park will be collaborating with the nearby El Vado State Park to ensure that global birders and local residents get the most out of their time here. Not only will visitors most likely be able to see such striking birds as blue heron and bald eagles, but they will get to spy on 13 pairs of nesting Osprey. The festival has been carefully timed to coincide with the nesting osprey’s annual fledge, so there should be plenty of action in the nests! Of course these large protected areas are home to more than just a few bird species and animal lovers will also be charmed by the wide variety of wildlife that is present in the two state parks.

The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is a large, eagle-like bird of prey that eats fish and so is always found near water. Sometimes called sea hawks or fish eagles, these magnificent birds can be found on almost every continent on the globe. Their wings span an impressive six feet and their white and black speckled markings are unmistakable. OspreyFest2008 provides bird lovers with the perfect opportunity to get close to and learn more about these fabulous birds. Guided small-boat excursions will no doubt prove to be a highlight for many visitors as it provides a somewhat unique way of viewing nests that may otherwise be impossible to see clearly. So make the most of OspreyFest2008 and book your stay at nearby Chama where you can also enjoy restaurants, gift shops, craft galleries and a supermarket.