Mini Macaws Make Magnificent Pets

Aspiring bird owners often think that a Macaw will make the perfect pet bird. But after a bit of research they find that these larger parrots require a lot of care and effort, mainly due to their size. If that is a concern that you have, you may want to consider a Mini Macaw instead. These beautiful birds are every bit as striking and full of personality as their much larger counterparts – but they’re far easier to care for!

Mini Macaws cost less, are quieter and take up less space than their larger counterparts – but without sacrificing their beautiful plumage or fascinating personalities – in fact they can even be better talkers. These birds are generally hand-raised as babies and, while they are capable of entertaining themselves, they also enjoy playing with their human friends. They are also great comics and provide hours of entertainment.

There are several species of Mini Macaws that are commonly available as pets. These are: Ara auricollis (yellow collared), Ara severa, Diopsittica nobilis (red shouldered), Ara nobilis nobilis and Ara nobilis cumanensis. Each one is different from the other and has different color combinations in its plumage. Less common Mini Macaws include: Ara maracana Illiger’s, Ara manilata (red-bellied) and Ara couloni (blue headed). However, none of these are very appropriate pets for various reasons.

Mini Macaws are active, curious and intelligent. When left to their own devices you’ll see them hanging, climbing and swinging on whatever toys may be available to them. They simply love playing with almost anything imaginable, so you’ll have an unending variety of items available to you to use as toys, without even having to buy any from the pet shop. Mini’s also generally love bathing and seem to quite enjoy taking a shower with their humans – provided the water isn’t scorching hot of course! If you don’t want to share your shower you should definitely make sure to give them a bath regularly otherwise they’ll use their water bowls and do it themselves. They are easy to potty train and a variety of suitable foods are readily available for them at most pet stores. They also tend not to be as noisy as their larger cousins but they do have noisy moments. They excel at learning new words and phrases and will quickly respond to any training they receive.

Clearly Mini Macaws are a great option for someone looking to invest in a feathered friend. However if you do decide to get one, beware – breeding pairs may be cheaper but they do not make good companion birds! Mini Macaws can also get jealous quite easily, so if you have other birds you will need to ensure that this trait is carefully watched.