Marvelous Work of The Raptor Foundation

In Cambridgeshire, near St. Ives, is a safe haven for birds of prey. The Raptor Foundation welcomes any bird that has been injured or has been placed in circumstances that requires rehabilitation. Birds that are not able to be released back into the wild are also kept at the foundation, as well as endangered species. Through dedication and commitment, the staff at The Raptor Foundation have created a permanent home for these birds, and strive to educate the public on the importance of protecting raptors by inviting them to spend a day, or two, with them and their wonderful birds.

The main goal and function of The Raptor Foundation, is to provide twenty-four hour care to injured raptors, which includes medical care and rehabilitation. The sanctuary provides permanent residence for birds of prey that cannot be released and works tirelessly on various projects and research, looking into environmental problems, release programs and breeding. Staff will always work towards being able to release raptors back into the wild, but if it is not possible, the birds will remain with the sanctuary for the remainder of their lives.

Visitors to the facility will be astonished at the wide range of raptors at The Raptor Foundation, totaling approximately two hundred individual birds from forty different birds of prey species. Amongst the falcons, hawks, owls and buzzards, visitors will be able to view breathtaking birds such as the Bateleur Eagle, Ferruginous Buzzard, Bald Eagle, Prairie Peregrine, Pearl Spotted Pygmy Owl and the Crested Serpent Eagle.

Flying demonstrations are held three times a day and when the weather is having a bad day, the indoor arena allows demonstrations to continue. These activities give visitors the rare opportunity to appreciate the power, strength and flying skills of the various raptors. Some members of this elite flying team were even used in the making of Harry Potter, allowing guests to come face to face with a few celebrities.

Other facilities at The Raptor Foundation include a bed and breakfast and camping site accommodation for those who would like to spend more time at the foundation, or participating in the falconry courses offered. The gift shop has many unique and stunning souvenirs to take home, whilst the children’s playground will keep the younger guests entertained, and the Silent Wings Restaurant serves delicious meals and refreshments. The facility is also wheelchair friendly, allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of these birds.