Senegal Parrots Make Fantastic Pets

If you are considering purchasing a parrot as a pet, you should consider the Senegal Parrot. They are perfect for owners who are living in flats, as they are not as noisy as most other parrots can be. Their unique personalities and entertaining characters make Senegal Parrots a great choice as family pets. Originating in West Africa, this popular pet bird now finds itself in all corners of the earth in the homes of loving owners who adore them.

Senegal Parrots are relatively small birds, growing to approximately twenty-three centimeters in length. Adult birds are easily recognized by their grey heads and their green and yellow coloring across the rest of their bodies, which is often remarked on, as it looks like a yellow vest has been put on over their green plumage. In some cases, the male Senegal Parrots grow to be a little larger than the females, and extremely small changes in their plumage distinguish the two genders.

In the wild, Senegal Parrots live for between twenty-five and thirty years, and can reach the same age in captivity, although some birds have been recorded to live to almost fifty. They can either be kept in a large aviary (preferably six feet by six feet), or in smaller indoor cages. It is essential to ensure that the parrots are able to move and climb freely within the cage, and that there is enough room for them to spread their wings.

When it comes to talking, the Senegal Parrot is not capable of the wide range that the African Grey is famous for, but is able to manage a respectable number of phrases and words. But it is their personalities that shine through and owners grow attached to their attentiveness and not their speech range. Owners will have to think for the Senegal Parrots, as they are prone to getting themselves into difficult situations. Basically, they should be regarded as children and owners should be aware of small things like leaving the toilet seat closed, not letting them near open windows and keeping them away from harmful kitchen appliances. Their diet should also be watched closely. Keeping cages and bowls clean is essential, and vegetables and fruits are a vital part of their diet. When feeding beans or foods that spoil quickly, owners should remove the remaining food to ensure that their parrots do not eat spoilt food that could affect their health.

Senegal Parrots are generally very social birds, and should build a special bond with each of the family members. Hand rearing a parrot leads to them becoming playful, comical, attentive and interactive pets that will soon find a place in their owner’s heart and everyone they meet.