Eurobirdwatch 2007 across Twenty-Eight Countries

Millions of birds leave Europe during the month of October as they undertake their migratory journey southwards to warmer regions. On the 6th and 7th of October 2007, national organizations affiliated to BirdLife International in twenty-eight European countries will be participating in Eurobirdwatch 2007. In most countries, organizers will be setting up information and observation posts where bird-watchers can observe the birds, interact with fellow bird-lovers and learn more about nature, focusing on the mysteries of migration.

For migrating bird species the continued existence of breeding areas in the north, stopover points along their flight path and suitable nesting grounds in the wintering regions are issues which affect their very survival. BirdLife International and their partners in Europe are attempting to bring to the attention of the public that the variety and beauty of birds serve as reliable indicators of the state of our environment. If people are encouraged to connect with birds, they may be motivated to take care of nature and natural resources – to the benefit of birds and humans.

Eurobirdwatch 2007 is being coordinated by SVS/BirdLife Switzerland. They will process the data sent to them by the national centers in the various participating countries. Data includes a count of the number of people participating, as well as a record of the species of birds observed and the number. In previous years approximately 40,000 people participated and up to three million birds were observed during a single weekend.

Of the twenty-eight countries participating, some have put in extra effort to achieve their goal of educating the public about birds. In Gibraltar, the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society has organized events centered on the Alameda Gardens and the Europa Point Marine Observatory. Activities will include bird ringing demonstrations and static and flying displays of birds of prey. Visitors will also be able to view the eagles, hawks, falcons and owls at the rehabilitation centre. The Wildlife Park will have an open day, which will give visitors the opportunity to view exotic birds, and animals that have been confiscated, as well as others that are kept for educational and breeding purposes. A Bird Quiz will take place and winners will receive nature books as prizes. Latvia has organized a “Let’s Run After the Birds” competition in Kemeri National Park and will be launching a new booklet “How to Start Bird-Watching”. Slovakia is getting school children involved with activities including making nest boxes, painting and photography of birds.

Eurobirdwatch 2007 gives bird enthusiasts throughout Europe an opportunity to enjoy the wonders of annual bird migration along with fellow bird-lovers – don’t miss out!