Is Aviculture for You?

Most bird lovers may already know that aviculture is the practice of keeping birds. The term does not only refer to bird keeping, but the various practices related to it, such as bird breeding, and the sub-culture that usually surrounds these practices. It can also be extended to the preservation of wild birds in their various natural habitats and public awareness campaigns that are created to help ensure the longevity of these birds.

People are drawn to the world of aviculture for various reasons, but at the heart of their actions usually lies a deep appreciation for birds. They may, for example, breed birds such as parrots as companion birds for others to enjoy. Or they might prefer to limit their breeding activities to certain ‘wild’ birds as part of efforts to preserve a particular bird species. They might also ultimately end up being in it for the money. As these individuals get started in their chosen profession, they often meet more and more likeminded individuals that they can share their passion for birds with. In doing so, they quickly find themselves part of a massive subculture of modern society that is dedicated solely to the breeding and protection of a large number of different bird species.

Aviculture is so big, in fact, that a number of different avicultural societies have been established all over the world. The largest organizations are usually found in Europe, Australia and the United States. Many of the people affiliated with such societies have a fair amount of time and money to invest in their beloved birds. You do not have to be an affiliated member of a bird society in order to be an aviculturalist. More lackadaisical bird lovers often find other ways to feed their avian-based culture. They may, for example, subscribe to a regular periodical that focuses on bird keeping and bird preservation. These periodicals may be generalized or specific and usually talk about things such as breeding, care, health, bird selection and companion birds. Aviculturalists may also branch out from bird keeping into bird breeding, or get self-help books to help ease their introduction to bird keeping. Aviculture is a great way to explore new possibilities, learn new things and make new friends. So get involved and explore this fascinating aspect of birding.