An Exciting Adventure at Pacific Northwest Raptors

Birds of prey have long captivated the imagination of mankind. These striking yet graceful hunters of the air display some of the most impressive acrobatics and strategies in the animal kingdom. Swooping down on their prey from dizzying heights at incredible speeds with amazing accuracy, raptors continue to awe, thrill and inspire us even after centuries of admiration.

If you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with one of the many different birds of prey that populate our planet, why not make a visit to the Pacific Northwest Raptors visitor centre in Cowichan Valley? The facility is situated only about eight minutes away from Duncan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, and can be easily accessed via the Trans Canada highway.

This magnificent Raptor centre allows visitors the opportunity to get better acquainted with a wide variety of these magnificent predatory birds. A self-guided bird watching tour will enable family and friends to walk through naturally landscaped grounds where they can view hawks, falcons, owls and eagles. If falconry has always appealed to you, you will be able to learn more about this ancient art at the Pacific Northwest Raptors centre. You will also be able to discover how the birds at the centre are trained for things such as free-fly demonstrations, bird control work and movie work. The flight demonstrations that are put on at the centre on a daily basis (weather permitting) are absolutely breathtaking and guests will be able to marvel at the supreme abilities of these magnificent birds as they show off their natural talents. Along with these demonstrations, visitors will be told more about the specific birds and how they live, how they are perfectly adapted to hunting and how they relate to mankind.

The family-orientated center will appeal to virtually any bird lover, and visitors will find that there is almost always something exciting taking place here. The small interpretive center will further educate visitors about these magnificent birds, while the gift shop provides the perfect selection of gifts and mementos for you to take home. For those who just have to have a more personalized birding experience, the Pacific Northwest Raptors center offers hawk-walks and hands-on courses. So get yourself to Pacific Northwest Raptors and make the most of the excellent birding facility!