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  • Love Birds

    Lovebirds are playful, entertaining pets. These 6-inch-long parrots may be small in size, but they’re full of personality. They are easily found in pet stores, and cost far less than a big ...

  • Waterproof feathers – Birds

    "Like water off a duck's back", goes the common expression. When raindrops hit the "waterproof" feathers on a duck, they bead up and do not penetrate the feathers. How does this work?

  • Pet Bird Species: Macaws

    Why Macaws? Macaws are understandably popular pets. They have spectacular colors. They have dramatic long tails. They can mimic human words and music. They also bond strongly with their human ...

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    Which bird species is the most intelligent? Many researchers believe that the most intelligent birds are found in the Corvid family (ravens, crows, magpies and jays). These social birds show ...

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    Cockatiels are popular pets for a good reason: they're an affordable bird with lots of personality.