Pet Bird Species: Macaws

Why Macaws? Macaws are understandably popular pets. They have spectacular colors. They have dramatic long tails. They can mimic human words and music. They also bond strongly with their human companions, providing constant affection and entertainment.

Are Macaws the right pet for you? Macaws should never be an impulse purchase. Their long lifespan (up to 50 years) make them a far more binding commitment than a dog or a cat. Macaws are more than a pet – they are a lifetime member of your family.

Macaws need lots of attention. In the wild, they bond strongly with one other macaw. Caged birds look to their human owner for this companionship. Without regular quality time, pet macaws can become depressed, or even ill. Depressed birds may pull out their feathers, become aggressive, or begin screaming constantly.

Even happy macaws love to be noisy, especially in the morning. It’s a natural part of their day, but may be difficult to live with in small apartments, with sensitive neighbors. Macaws also love chewing things, and love to solve puzzles, including how to unlock a locked cage!

Choosing and purchasing a macaw. Popular macaw species include the Scarlet Macaw, the Blue and Gold Macaw, and the army-green Military Macaw. Prices vary- rarer species are more expensive, such as the spectacular, electric-blue Hyacinth Macaw. Many macaws are endangered in the wild- in part because they are often illegally captured to be sold as pets.

Purchase a macaw from a breeder, previous owner, or reputable pet store. They can ensure you aren’t getting a wild-caught bird. They’ll also make sure you get a well-socialized companion to join your family.