Date Last Updated: August 25, 2019

Birding Tips

  • Unbelievable Birding Opportunities in Kenya

    With an unbelievable variation in habitat and no less than eleven nature reserves, Kenya is a very worthwhile part of the world for birding enthusiasts to visit. The varied habitats ensure that ...

  • Is Your Home’s Air Safe for Your Pet Bird?

    Birds are very sensitive to fumes in the air. Their excellent respiratory system (they need plenty of oxygen in order to fly) makes them very susceptible to poisons in the air. Even fumes you ...

  • Tips for keeping your hummingbirds happy

    It's easy to attract wild hummingbirds to your yard - use red feeders filled with sugar-water. The feeders are available at most gardening and bird seed stores.

  • Bird Species: Red Crossbills

    Red Crossbills are brick-red songbirds that specialize in eating pine-cone seeds. They have an unusual bill- the tips cross over each other, almost as if their bill is overgrown. This shape ...