The Rocket City Exotic Bird Fair

All bird lovers will be familiar with the local bird events in their area. One great bird-orientated event that takes place in Huntsville, Alabama, each year is the Rocket City Exotic Bird Fair.

If you love exotic birds and you enjoy bird shows then the Rocket City Exotic Bird Fair will be right up your alley! This stunning bird fair showcases a variety of exotic birds from all corners of the globe. Of course, bird permits will be requested for those with endangered or very exotic birds to ensure that no wild birds are being kept in cages illegally. Most birds are captive bred to ensure that natural populations are largely undisturbed and you will be amazed by the color and variety that can be found at the bird fair. So come and meet the breeders, cage distributors and, of course, the bird species that you will find at this great bird show.

If you have ever attended a bird show you will know that birds shows are not just about looking at the wonderful variety of birds. You will able to pet some of them, learn about them, watch competitions, and maybe even purchase some a bird for your collection. Many bird lovers also make use of the event to equipment and bird supplies such as cages, toys, books, birdseeds, refreshments and unusual bird items. You will also find an abundance of great bird experts available at your convenience, ready to share their amazing knowledge with you.

This year, the Rocket City Exotic Bird Fair is being held on the 23rd and 24th of June 2007 at the Jaycee’s Community Center. The admission fee is only $3.00. For those driving to the event, follow the signs from Airport Road. If you are traveling from the Memorial Parkway (US 231) take the I-565 East Road exit. The fair is open between 9 am and 5 pm on Saturday and 11 am to 4 pm on Sunday. So start making your travel plans now to enjoy this great bird show in Huntsville, Alabama.