The Lesser Known Pionus Parrots Make Marvelous Companions

Those who are familiar with Pionus Parrots will likely agree that they are one of the most underrated parrot species available. This medium-sized parrot originates from Central and South America and they make excellent pets.

Though there are eight different species of Pionus parrot, only six of these are found in captivity. These are the blue headed (Pionus menstruus), Maxmilian (P. maxmiliani), white capped (P. senillis), bronze winged (P. Chalcopterus), dusky (P. fuscus) and the lesser known coral-billed pionus (P. sordidus). The remaining two species, which are not available in captivity, are the plum crowned (P. tumultuosus) and the white headed (P. seniloides). Those who are interested in getting a Pionus Parrot will most likely find themselves choosing between the first five species listed here.

The Pionus parrot is a short-tailed bird with trademark red vent feathers. They also have a noticeable notch on their upper mandibles. While their coloring is not as flashy as that found on other pet parrot species, it is subtly beautiful. In fact, with good lighting the beauty of their feathers becomes very apparent. During recent years the Pionus parrot has been growing steadily in popularity as a pet. What is it that makes them so appealing? Apart from their size and natural beauty, they make delightful companions. These parrots are not as demanding as other members of the parrot family. They do not need to be held and cuddled and are more suitable for working people. They are also generally not as loud as other parrots and they are moderately good talkers. These parrots enjoy hanging, playing and climbing about, though they are not as active as many other pet bird species. They seem to enjoy chew toys and figuring out how to untie knots. Their cages will need to be fairly large – large enough for them to stretch out their wings without touching the sides. They devour fresh foods and sprouts, and have a gentle, sweet, musky odor that is quite endearing. However it is their gorgeous eyes that parrot owners generally find the most appealing.

While the Pionus parrot is susceptible to many of the same diseases and problems that other parrot species suffer from, they are not particularly neurotic or tense birds and so they do not resort to unsightly feather plucking or other unwanted behavior. All in all these birds are easy to handle, enjoyable to own and reasonably priced – the perfect combination for a great animal companion.