The Chester Country Exotic Bird Show

The Chester County Bird Club (“CCBC”)is a non-profit organization that devoted to the education, conservation and care of exotic birds, both wild and hand-reared. By bringing together breeders, owners, bird accessory manufacturers and the public, the CCBC hopes to improve the public’s awareness of how to properly care birds, eradicate careless or cruel breeding methods, and offer owners of exotic birds the support and assistance they need.

Exotic birds are generally the first of pet owners, but it is common to find that first time bird owners are not well educated about the birds and their basic needs. Different bird species have different personalities and food requirements and, when the owners are uneducated, the birds often suffer the consequences.

Most exotic birds are very expensive and some are extremely rare, and breeders are, at times, the only way to ensure the survival of some of these bird species, and this where the Chester County Bird Club comes in. The Club works to educate breeders on selective breeding techniques to ensure that both males and females chicks remain healthy, and they loved and properly cared.

When working with the breeders, the CCBC encourages breeders to be honest with buyers in regard to the nature of the birds and their individual care requirements. The CCBC also provides guidance on record keeping which is an essential and part of closed banding. The Club is also extremely active in the conservation of rare and wild birds and they have an adoption and rescue facility available to help exotic birds in distress or ones that are neglected.

To foster education between the Club and exotic bird breeders – including bird lovers – the Chester County Bird Club conducts its annual exotic bird show. The Show provides breeders and owners the opportunity to display their exotic birds to the public and other bird enthusiasts and organizations. This years’ event will have three competition divisions: the Parrot division, Love Birds, and Finches. Each bird will all be individually judged. Other organizations and manufacturers attend the CCBC Exotic Bird Show to display their ranges of bird toys, cages, bird care products and nutritional foods. Beautiful pieces of bird art and décor will also be on sale and there will be free educational bird exhibits.

The 2007 CCBC Exotic Bird Show will take place on 10 November 2007 at the CFS, School at Church Farm, 1001 East Lincoln Highway, Exton, and as with previous shows, this year’s event promises to be a huge success.