Mazatlan Bird Festival

North America is certainly no stranger to bird festivals and there are literally hundreds of big and small bird festivals taking place across the continent annually. However not that many birding festivals take place in sunny Mexico. The Mazatlan Bird Festival promises to put an end to this shortage soon.

The inaugural Mazatlan Bird Festival is set to take place on January 16-19, 2009. Though it is the first time this event is being held it promises to be the biggest birding festival in Mexico and the most important birding event in Latin America. The four day-long festival will feature wildlife tours, birding experts, artistic exhibits and education workshops. Guided birding tours, day trips and multiple-day circuit tours will also be organised as part of the festival. Bird lovers from across the continent can come together to become better informed and fuel their passion for our feathered friends. The festival is also set to take place along Mexico’s Pacific Coast in Mazatlan and honestly, no better location could have been chosen. The area is home to more than 500 species of bird, including as many as 35 indigenous varieties. The 2009 Mazatlan Bird Festival will be casting a spotlight on the rare Tufted Jay which is indigenous to the area. No doubt there will be many opportunities to view this beautiful bird in its natural habitat during the course of the festival.

There is another reason to make sure that you attend the first annual Mazatlan Bird Festival; you can combine a great vacation with a wonderfully educational festival. The festival is set to take place at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan, a full service resort that is situated right on the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Even if you don’t plan to stay at this resort, the city of Mazatlan is incredibly hospitable and there will be plenty of great accommodation options to choose from. The city’s location near the ocean is also a bonus as it provides a pristine sea-side location for your vacation. However, for four full days, you may find it hard to turn your eyes away from the invaluable information and wildlife tours that will be taking place during the festival. Either way the Mazatlan Bird Festival is an obvious win-win affair – so book your stay now and make sure you’re a part of this great festival!