Long Island Parrot Society Annual Show

If you’re looking for a great bird event coming up soon, look no further than the LIPS (Long Island Parrot Society) 2008 Parrot Expo. This annual parrot expo is the only major exotic bird exhibition to take place in Long Island. It is a great place to find like-minded bird lovers, to buy your feathered friends some great treats and to learn more about your beloved pet.

The Long Island Parrot Society’s 2008 Parrot Expo is the perfect place for bird owners and bird lovers to come together. The all-day extravaganza will feature a variety of interactive displays, colourful exotic birds, workshops, scheduled demonstrations and a wonderful array of goodies for your birds, which will be available for sale in the vendor room. This year’s keynote speaker will be avian enrichment specialist Robin Shewokis. The Scouts will also be getting involved with the parrot university program and free trick training demonstrations will be held for those interested to learn more about this aspect of avian handling. Dr Charles Greco of the Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach will be giving a lecture on avian nutrition, while Elisabeth Freilicher from the Veterinary Medical Centre will be available to answer all your veterinary questions. There will also be several avian enrichment workshops taking place during the course of the day. The prices are all very reasonable and the atmosphere is bound to be phenomenal!

It is interesting to note that the proceeds from the Expo will be used to fund LIPS’ educational programs as well as help with their foster and adoption efforts and go towards the future establishment of the LIP Museum, Shelter and Learning Centre. LIPS also helps with avian conservation efforts, medical research and other bird-related programs worthy of consideration. Bird owners will do well to leave their birds at home on the day since only birds available for sale and birds belonging to working volunteers will be permitted at the expo. All these birds will be checked by the expo veterinarian and no exceptions will be made. So leave your feathered friend at home, but make sure that you don’t miss out on this great opportunity to indulge him and learn more about these fascinating creatures.