Enjoy the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest

Bird lovers in the Washington area are no doubt already gearing up for the Leavenworth Spring Bird Festival. Set to take place this year between May 16-18, this great annual event gives enthusiasts a chance to really soak up the wonderful bird life in the area.

2008 marks the sixth annual Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest. The festival has been growing steadily as bird watchers stream to the area to make the most of its diverse range of habitats. Here snow-capped mountains give way to sunny pine forests with a range of growth in between. This sort of varied environment provides the perfect habitat for a range of bird species and so bird lovers can expect to see more than just a few bird species during the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest in Washington. Enthusiasts keep their binoculars keenly trained for signs of calliope hummingbirds, harlequin ducks, white-headed woodpeckers, western tanagers, osprey and macGillivray’s warblers – to mention just a few!

While the main focus of the weekend’s festivities is bird watching, events are not exclusively limited to this facet of nature. Festival goers can also learn more about geology and wildflowers, and gain a new appreciation for the arts. Those who have spent the winter being a little too lazy for their likings can get back into the swing of things by going on leisurely strolls or participating in more active hikes.

The Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest is truly an event for people of all ages and all birding capabilities. Each year there is a specific emphasis on a particular facet of the lives of the birds that live in the area and so people leave knowing a little more about our feathered friends. They also learn more about why it is important that we look out for their welfare. The Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest is ultimately a weekend that is spent focusing on nature and the plight of animals and plants in this fast-changing environment of ours. The ultimate goal of the Bird Fest is to encourage citizens to take a fresh look at natural resources and so be inspired to protect natural habitats. Let us hope that this year’s Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest reaches that commendable goal.