Aviornis – Playing An Important Role in Bird Conservation

Aviornis, or Aviornis International, was established in the year 1973 by a group of Belgian aviculturists who shared the same vision in the conservation of waterfowl and ornamental birds. A Dutch branch of Aviornis was founded in 1973, and has spread across the globe, with more than eight thousand members in seven different countries. Aviornis International is a conservation group that not only protects different bird species but also assists members in various aspects of birding.

At present, the members of Avionis, in all the different chapters, take care of an estimated six hundred and twenty five various bird species. The chapters of Aviornis International are as follows: Aviornis United Kingdom (founded 1991), Aviornis Germany, Aviornis France, Aviornis Ibercia, Aviornis Netherlands and Aviornis Belgium. Members of Aviornis come from countries including Spain, Portugal, Holland and Italy. And as a member of this lifesaving establishment, members receive a color Aviornis magazine with informative articles, legislation updates and reports on breeding programs and projects. Members are also informed of upcoming lectures, activities in areas close to them, and are able to turn to Aviornis for assistance and information in regard to their birds.

The main goal of Aviornis as an organization is to protect endangered bird species against extinction and to assist agencies and related programs in their efforts to conserve and protect these species. To ensure that a healthy stock of each species, in regard to genetics, remains within the breeding programs, Aviornis arranges international exchanges of young individuals, and provides advice and knowledge to breeders and the breeding projects. Reintroduction into the wild is always the end goal for Avionis and other organizations that run breeding programs.

The most important birds in the breeding programs at present include quails, ibis, waterfowl, cranes, pheasants and junglefowls, but there are many other species that are already in breeding facilities. This organization also took the lead in introducing the Ringing and Registration System, which allows Aviornis members a lifetime membership number, serial number and rings that are available in various sizes (depending on the bird species) and every year a different color is given to the rings. This creates a central information network in regard to breeding seasons and the birds that were bred within a specific season.

Aviornis was founded to provide protection and aid to bird species that need human intervention to save them from extinction, and to date it still performs this noble service. Supporting and aiding where possible, and ensuring that its members have updated information in regard to legislations, regulations and other successful projects, Aviornis is certainly serving a vital role in bird conservation.