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  • Amazing Memories of Hummingbirds

    Amazing Memories of Hummingbirds

    Flitting from one flower to the next, their long, narrow beaks perfectly adapted to reach seemingly inaccessible nectar, hummingbirds hover with their wings a blur, their iridescent feathers ...

  • Bird Watching in Oman – A Rewarding Experience

    Bird Watching in Oman – A Rewarding Experience

    Bird watching enthusiasts who make it a goal to visit a veriety of destinations where they can enjoy their hobby, may want to consider a visit to Oman during the northern hemisphere winter ...

  • The Albatross Task Force Project

    South Africans are fast gaining recognition for taking initiative and trying new things. Most recently they have enjoyed a lot of success in efforts aimed at minimizing the number of endangered ...

  • Research into Alloanointing in Crested Auklets

    Crested auklets nest in large colonies on isolated island cliffs in Siberia and Alaska. These small black and grey seabirds have bright orange bills, with white facial feathers and a prominent ...

  • Marbled Murrelet – A Seabird at Risk

    Marbled Murrelets make an odd conservation story. No other seabird creates a conservation problem for timber companies!

  • How do birds drink?

    Birds need water to survive. This includes ocean birds that are flying far out over the ocean, like gulls, petrels, and albatross. They may be far from shore for months or even years at a time, ...

  • Waterproof feathers – Birds

    "Like water off a duck's back", goes the common expression. When raindrops hit the "waterproof" feathers on a duck, they bead up and do not penetrate the feathers. How does this work?