Date Last Updated: July 19, 2019

Tag: nocturnal

  • Night Migration Mysteries Revealed

    A recent study conducted by researchers from the Illinois Natural History Survey and the University of Illinois has resulted in statistical data to prove that during their nocturnal migration ...

  • New Genetic Research Turns Bird Families Upside Down

    A recent study of bird genetics has researchers startled with surprising new findings. After completing the largest study of bird genetics ever undertaken, U.S. researchers are discovering that ...

  • New Bird Species Discovered in Eastern Nepal

    It isn’t every day that ornithologists can claim to have discovered a new species of bird, but that is exactly what is happening in eastern Nepal. A team of ornithologists, who are affiliated ...

  • Nocturnal Hunters: The Nighthawks

    They have strange names - goatsuckers, frogmouths, potoos, pauraques, querequetes, so what are these strange creatures? Well, they belong to the nighthawk and nightjar family