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  • Laysan Albatross (Diomedea immutabilis)

    It has always been said that whilst on the ocean you could predict that land is near after sighting a bird. Which is true in most cases, however, sighting an Albatross is no sign of land. These birds are known to be the “nomads of the ocean” and will usually only go on land to […]

  • Night Migration Mysteries Revealed

    A recent study conducted by researchers from the Illinois Natural History Survey and the University of Illinois has resulted in statistical data to prove that during their nocturnal migration ...

  • New Genetic Research Turns Bird Families Upside Down

    A recent study of bird genetics has researchers startled with surprising new findings. After completing the largest study of bird genetics ever undertaken, U.S. researchers are discovering that ...

  • New Bird Species Discovered in Eastern Nepal

    It isn’t every day that ornithologists can claim to have discovered a new species of bird, but that is exactly what is happening in eastern Nepal. A team of ornithologists, who are ...

  • Nocturnal Hunters: The Nighthawks

    They have strange names - goatsuckers, frogmouths, potoos, pauraques, querequetes, so what are these strange creatures? Well, they belong to the nighthawk and nightjar family