Date Last Updated: July 19, 2019

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  • Parrotlet Color Mutations

    Parrotlet Color Mutations

    Parrotlets are sweet, feisty little birds with a love for life. These little guys come in a range of colors. Hopefully after reading this you will have a better idea of these mutations and will ...

  • Secrets of a Bird of Paradise

    Secrets of a Bird of Paradise

    Any bird watching enthusiast would agree that watching a male bird of paradise Lawes's parotia trying to gain the interest of a female is a breathtaking experience. Its colorful chest, displayed ...

  • Bird Watching: What’s with the Camouflage

    There are hard-core birders that feel they need to dress up like a supporting player in a Rambo movie in order to get deep in to the bird's environment. As a result, you see quite a few bird ...