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  • Cats are Number One Threat to Birds

    According to a report by the American Bird conservancy, cats are responsible for the deaths of between 500 million to one billion birds each year in the United States. These figures include ...

  • Injured Birds

    What can be done for an injured bird – whether domestic or wild? Should your pet bird be injured it is vital to get it to a Veterinarian as soon as possible. In the interim it may be necessary to practice first-aid on your bird. The following are suggestions for dealing with various injuries, but […]

  • Conservation

    With the increasing loss of bird species throughout the world, bird conservation should be of great concern to all. Why should we be concerned with bird conservation? Birds bring pleasure to humankind. In fact more than 63 million Americans are enthusiastic bird watchers and that number is growing. Try to imagine the world without the […]

  • Birds and Outdoor Cats

    No bird-enthusiast likes it when their cat kills a wild bird. But they may be unaware just how harmful cats can be on bird populations. Many bird species are reduced in number, or have even ...