Top 5 Bird Watching Apps

This video gives my top 5 bird watching apps. Birding is and amazing hobby and it is even more amazing how much smart phones have improved the experience. I go through my top five list (which includes Merlin bird ID and the app version of Xeno Canto, to give you a preview) and describe how they can assist you while birding in the field. I hope that learning about these birding apps will help you while birding and also more likely to contribute to citizen science (specifically bird run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology).The goal of my channel, Adventure Ed, is meant to not only teach you about nature but also to teach you how to enjoy nature. I am a wildlife biologist with a focus on birds, and although I focus a lot on birdwatching, I explore many other aspects of nature and wildlife on this channel. My goal is to get everyday people more interested in the natural world around them. In my videos I provide ecotourism travel guides, app and gear reviews, tips on how to photograph and identify wildlife, natural history lessons, and much more.If you like the video, then give it a like, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications. Also, if you have any questions about birding, or feel like sharing your favorite birding apps, please comment below.PS: all of the apps are not exclusive to North America at the time this video was made. I did not include any apps that were exclusive for North America. I am making another video for North American guide books and apps.