Bird Watching Tips (Birding)

In this video I give my top 15 bird watching tips. Birdwatching (birding) is my favorite hobby, and it is my dream to get more people interested in this hobby. My best birding tips that I discuss in this video include suggestions about birdwatching binoculars, citizen science, ebird, birdwatching apps, bird photography, bird field guides, and many other things about birds.My name is Eddie, I am an avid birder and a wildlife biologist (my focus has largely been birds so I like to consider myself an ornithologist). On this channel, I teach natural history and also how to enjoy nature, including tips on how to find, view, and photograph wildlife, app and gear reviews, and ecotourism travel guides. Wherever you are in the world, exploring nature is always an Adventure, so subscribe and hit the notification bell!All of the footage in this video was taken by me in San Diego County, CA. All of the birds were wild and were primarily filmed at Santee Lakes and Tecolote Canyon state parks.Please give the video a like or dislike depending on how much the video helped you and comment below if you have any other tips not mentioned in the video.**Disclaimer: the jokes slipped into the video are jokes, and not facts, LOL!