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  • Birdsong Apps Pose Threat to Breeding

    Birdsong Apps Pose Threat to Breeding

    Bird watching as a hobby has been traced back to the late-18th century as portrayed in the works of English naturalists and ornithologists Gilbert White, Thomas Bewick and George Montagu...

  • New Bird Species Discovered in Eastern Nepal

    It isn’t every day that ornithologists can claim to have discovered a new species of bird, but that is exactly what is happening in eastern Nepal. A team of ornithologists, who are affiliated ...

  • Nocturnal Hunters: The Nighthawks

    They have strange names - goatsuckers, frogmouths, potoos, pauraques, querequetes, so what are these strange creatures? Well, they belong to the nighthawk and nightjar family

  • Guide to Birds and Birding

    Birds are warm-blooded species, that lay eggs in order to reproduce, they are characterized by feathers, hollow bones and forelimbs that are modified as wings. They range in size from tiny ...