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  • Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs in New Zealand

    New Zealanders are often referred to as Kiwis due to their national bird being the elusive kiwi bird. To preserve and assist in the rehabilitation of the wild kiwi numbers in the country, the ...

  • Birds of the World

    Around the world, birds are amongst the most loved creatures due to their variety, beauty and amazing vocal abilities. They are also popular due to their accessibility, that is, even if you live in a built up city you will still be able to see wild birds. If you are going to be traveling, you […]

  • Kiwi Birds

    One of the world’s oddest bird species is the kiwi. This New Zealand bird species seems to break all the rules on what it means to be a bird:

  • Flightless Birds

    Not all birds can fly. Though many people think flying is what defines birds as a group, in actuality several bird species are flightless birds.