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  • Mississippi Kite (Ictinia mississippiensis)

    The Mississippi Kite or as it is scientifically known, the Ictinia mississippiensis, is 12.5 inches long and has a wingspan of 36 inches, weighing between 7 and a half to 12 ounces. Both the male and female are similar in size. It is a medium-sized, long-winged hawk and is known for its graceful movements. The […]

  • Red Kites Return to North of Ireland

    After an absence of about 200 years, the magnificent Red Kite with its more than five foot wingspan, rusty-red coloring, distinctive forked tail, black wing tips and white patches under each ...

  • The Plight of the Endangered Snail Kite

    The Florida Everglades offer a variety of habitats that are home to an amazing array of birds and wildlife. But, as is increasingly the case all over the world, man is encroaching on the ...