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  • Game Birds Losing Feathers

    Winter is setting in, and you absolutely do not know what to do. Your quail and pheasants have lost feathers and you don’t want them to get chilled. What do you do?

  • Mites and Chickens

    Most people do not realize chickens can contract mites. However, this is actually a pretty common problem with our outdoor bird friends. It is generally noticed with feathers falling out, ...

  • Pet Birds

    Owning a pet bird can be a lot of fun, but are also a big responsibility as they are totally dependent on their human owners. There are many species of pet birds and choosing the one best suited to you and your circumstances is very important. Parrots are often the first birds that spring to […]

  • Chickens – Unusual but Delightful Pets

    Many different birds and animals have started to leave lasting impressions on owners and have become quite popular as pets. One such an unusual choice is chickens. Seen mostly as farm animals ...