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  • Costa Rica: A perfect bird-watching holiday

    Many bird-watchers see their first tropical birds in Costa Rica. More than 850 species of birds inhabit Costa Rica's rainforests, mountains, and tropical islands.

  • Birdwatching: You know how to Whistle…don’t you?

    Does whistling like a bird really attract birds? Or does it just make you look foolish? Does the bird understand when a facsimile is taking place? Does it think to itself how silly you look ...

  • City Birds and Birding

    Bird-watchers might be surprised how many birds they can see in the city. Birding is not just a hobby or activity for country-living.

  • Bird watching in Australia

    Australia offers bird-enthusiasts a very special treat. You could spend a lifetime learning about this island-continent's 770 species of birds.

  • Bird Watching: Know Your Binoculars!

    Bird watching: the most fun you'll ever have! You don't need expensive clothes or equipment. You don't need to travel to some lush jungle in a faraway land. Successful bird watching can start in ...