The 6th Annual Avian Seminar Hosted by NIPS

The Northern Illinois Parrot Society (NIPS) is all set to host its 6th annual seminar. This year’s seminar is titled “Flying into Knowledge” and will be held at the Centre at North Park, which is situated in Franklin Park, Illinois. The all-day seminar will take place on Saturday, September 27, 2008, and the proceeds of the event will be used to benefit bird research and conservation efforts.

The NIPS seminar will be incredibly good for bird owners and breeders since it is these individuals who have been specifically targeted with the choice of material that will be dispensed at the seminar. They will be provided with tons of information that will help them to expand their knowledge on both wild parrots and pet birds. Topics will range from more simple things, such as understanding the behavior of pet birds, to much broader subjects, such as the conservation of parrots. This year’s presenters include bird behavior consultant Sally Blanchard, assistant director of conservation and field research at the National Aviary Steven C. Latta Ph. D., African bird species breeder Jean Pattison and Peter S. Sakas DMV from the Niles Animal Hospital and Bird Medical Center. No doubt the information dispensed by these knowledgeable people will prove to be indispensable and fascinating to those in the audience.

However the NIPS seminar is not just about lectures. It is also a great opportunity to meet other bird-loving friends from all over the country. Vendors will be on hand to sell bird toys, cages and lots of delicious food. A raffle will also be a part of the day’s events, the proceeds of which will be used to benefit avian conservation and research. If this sounds like your idea of a great day out, make sure that you get your ticket soon to avoid disappointment. NIPS is the only club in the area that currently hosts an annual education seminar of this standard, so you can be sure that there will be a big response. The tickets will cost $80 per a person and the price will include lunch. If that seems a little steep to you then remember that not only are you being provided with some amazing insight and research and a great meal, but the proceeds are always used to benefit a number of avian conservation and research projects. Some of the proceeds will also be used to help rescue organizations. All these beneficiaries will be selected after the conference. So make sure that you’re a part of the 6th annual NIPS avian seminar!