Chainat “Hoon Fang” Straw-Bird Festival 2010

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With hay being a by-product cultivated by farmers, forming bird shaped stacks with hay, has become an art form in the Chainat Province. It has led to the annual Chainat “Hoon Fang” Straw-Bird Festival, where villagers transform hay into colorful and detailed bird designs, each trying to win top honors at the festival. Massive birds of all shapes, color and specie are displayed on the lawns of the festival, and the best designers compete in different categories such as village handicraft and young talent. The festival is also accompanied by light shows and lively performances. Another nearby attraction, also visited by festival goers, is the large Chainat Bird Park, where a variety of over 200 bird species can be seen.

To find out more about this festival, filled with birds of a different kind of feather, contact the Thailand Tourism Authority on +66 (0) 3553 6030 or by email at

Date: 16 – 22 February 2010
Venue: Various
City: Chainat
Country: Thailand

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