Bird Conference To Have Renewable Energy Theme

Not many people pair up “birds” with the concept of “renewable energy” but that is exactly what is going to happen at an upcoming bird conservation conference to be held in Columbia later this year. This will be the 6th conference to date.

The theme of the conference, which will be held on August 15-16, is “Renewable Energy: Is it for the Birds?” This is not just a philosophical question but one which looks at the very real impact that the search for alternate, renewable sources of energy has and will continue to have on bird populations around the globe. In our day and age where there is a growing need to find a cost effective, alternative source of fuel and energy, new problems have been created for both humans and animals. Rising corn prices may make it harder to get hold of certain food stuffs, but fast harvests and chemical stimulants also make it harder for birds to not only find food, but find good homes. The results of such endeavors could be disastrous for both humans and animals and it is exactly this sort of relationship which is being cast under the spotlight at the upcoming Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative (MoBCI) Conference.

For those that are interested, the conference is set to take place at the Days Inn Conference Center and it will cover a host of renewable energy-related topics. The keynote speaker will be Joe Fargione who currently acts as the regional science director for The Nature Conservancy. Fargione will discuss, not only how renewable energy development affects things such as resource management, but also give insight into the various problems and opportunities that such development presents. A panel discussion will highlight the positive and negative effects of such energy sources on birds and their habitats while participants will be given the chance to discuss MoBCI grant research projects from 2007 with various project originators. Other topics that will be covered include cellulosic ethanol, wind energy, carbon sequestration and the use of small-diameter trees for fuel. There will also be a silent auction to raise money for MoBCI’s grant program which is dedicated to benefiting birds in Missouri and other places. So make a stop at this excellent conference – it will undoubtedly help you to look at the energy crises in a whole new light.