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Location Port Elizabeth
Occupation Self-employed

About Me

I'm a major animal-lover, birds included. Live on a smallholding with plenty of birds to see. Hobbies: horse riding, reading, writing poetry, dancing.

Cockatiels Are Best

Cockatiels Are Best

Photograph Description

A Stunning Example of a Lutino Cockatiel



sassyann pic

I'm a bird lover. use to own parakeets,cockatiel,finchs,parrots,doves. presently,I have one lovebird. I noticed a couple of hummingbirds,while out cutting some gardenias. plan to put a hummingbird feeder out for them. I love birds,fish,turtles,frogs,rabbits&,squirrels.


posted by sassyann

pattiespups pic

what a beautiful cockatiel, i have two males, grey an white, they are nuts, one we bought, hes 11 years old, the other we found in a parking lot.hes three years old, they talk, your cockatiel, BEAUTIFUL.

posted by pattiespups

byzzverr pic

Wow. Awesome Cockatiel!! I have one almost exactly like that one at home...

posted by byzzverr

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