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Location South Africa
Occupation Graphics Designer

About Me

Hi, I have always had a fondness for birds it would be great to meet other people who share my interests and learn more about you and your bird.

Personal Info

Camera Canon 20D
Canon Zoom Wide Angle-Telephoto EF 28-135mm
Books: Birds of Southern Africa (Princeton Field Guides) (Paperback)
by Ian Sinclair (Author), Phil Hockey (Author), Warwick Tarboton (Author), Peter Hayman (Illustrator), Norman Arlott (Illustrator)
Activities: I love camping, Hiking, Trekking, anything that involves being around nature...
Interests: I love animals in general! Birds are one of my favorite because they are so beautiful and colorful, they are so intricate.
Fav Quote: You are unique! Just like everyone else!

My African Grey

My African Grey

Photograph Description

Other Common Names: African Ghana, African Grey Ghana, African Grey Camaroon, Grey Parrot

Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus erithacus

The African Grey Congo is a beautiful, intelligent parrot, that would make a wonderful addition to your family, as long as you understand their capabilities and have the patience to give them all that they need.


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kamran pic

I like urs parrot. that is relly goood,i m alsoo trying to get a african grey parrot.

posted by kamran

leeloo pic

I believe African Greys can develop a really extensive vocabulary!

posted by leeloo

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