Clark's Nutcracker foraging and stockpiling behavior, Bird species in North America

Clark’s Nutcracker Prepares for Winter

June 24, 2008 by  
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If you live in North America you may well be familiar with the Clark’s Nutcracker (Nucifraga Columbiana). This adorable passerine bird is fairly large in size and is ash-grey in color with black and white wings and tail feathers. The bill, legs and feet of the Clark’s Nutcracker are also black – all in all a fairly ordinary looking bird. However, the Clark’s Nutcracker is anything but ordinary.

Arizona Snowbirds

December 25, 2006 by  
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Winter weather’s closing in on many North American towns. Most migrant birds have finished their move south, escaping the cold. Why not follow them? A winter trip to SE Arizona is a great cure for a bird-watcher’s winter blues.