Take a Stroll Through the Linda Loring Nature Foundation

Take a Stroll Through the Linda Loring Nature Foundation

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Established in 1999 by Linda Loring, the Linda Loring Nature Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on providing young people with the opportunity to enjoy and learn about various facets of the natural world…

Osprey History in the Making

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The Kielder Water and Forest Park is located in England. It is not only home to the country’s biggest forest areas, but the largest man-made lake to be found in northern Europe. Its remote location and breathtaking natural landscapes make the park a favorite amongst artists, hiking enthusiasts and cyclists. The park is also the perfect family escape. Animals and bird life play a vital role in the park, and recently the Kielder Water and Forest Park has taken on a conservation challenge that might just make history.

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

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The Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is a well-known bird of prey throughout the world and amongst the largest in North America. Osprey populations decreased due to pesticide poisoning during the 1950s to the 1970s. Although their numbers improved after the ban of DDT, they remain on threatened species and endangered species lists in some localities. Ospreys […]

OspreyFest 2008 in New Mexico

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Not many people will try to argue that the sight of a beautiful white and black osprey soaring through the air isn’t beautiful. These stunning birds of prey are widespread in many parts of the United States and thousands of people can easily spot them in their neighborhood. Despite their widespread coverage of other parts of the continent, they have been absent from Northern New Mexico for some time now – until recently that is.

Official Migratory Bird Havens Now Available in East End Parks

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As part of efforts to boost the success rates of nesting birds in the region, some 2 140 acres of state parkland have been set aside on Long Island’s East End as a conservation area. The protected area will be the 50th such designated zone for birds in New York State and will greatly benefit species such as piping plovers and ospreys.

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