Pacific Biodiversity Institute Research Expedition

Pacific Biodiversity Institute Research Expedition

February 13, 2014 by  
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Pacific Biodiversity Institute invites avid birders to join a research expedition March 2 – 14, 2014, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy in northwestern Argentina…

Mountain Quail (Oreortyx pictus)

February 9, 2009 by  
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If you ever happen to see one, you will find that Mountain Quail (Oreortyx pictus) are very attractive birds. Commonly found in densely wooded foothills and mountains along the West Coast of the US, these birds are somewhat unique in that they migrate up and down the slopes of the mountains according to the seasons. […]

Guyana: A Bird Watcher’s Dream Come True

December 1, 2008 by  
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Not many people know much about Guyana. This sleepy little country shares its borders with Venezuela, Suriname and Brazil. Despite the fact that its neighbors are well-known, Guyana tends to stay rather isolated from commercial endeavors. And perhaps that is a good thing – for it may well be the reason why this small part of South America is a birder’s paradise!

New Zealand’s Mischievous Kea Parrot

November 20, 2008 by  
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Not very many people have heard of a Kea Parrot. This average-sized parrot hails from the forested and alpine regions of New Zealand’s South Island and it is listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species due to its relative scarcity. What makes this bird so special is the fact that it is one of the few true alpine parrots in the world. It is also an omnivore, feeding on carrion and insects in addition to the roots, berries, nectar and leaves that make up the bulk of its diet.