The Long Island Parrot Society’s Parrot Expo 2009

July 15, 2009 by  
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Parrot lovers will enjoy The Long Island Parrot Society’s Parrot Expo 2009, as colorful birds such as macaws, lovebirds and budgies will be stealing the show. The expo will be focusing on the care of birds with many avian and veterinarian experts hosting workshops and talks. The Vendor Room will again be filled with stalls featuring the latest products in nutrition, cages, toys and much more. Bird lovers should not miss out on this paradise for parrots.

The Long Island Parrot Society website offers comprehensive information on the society, the expo and future events at

Date: 3 October 2009
Venue: Freeport Recreation Centre
City: Freeport, New York
Country: United States of America

Long Island Parrot Society Annual Show

October 6, 2008 by  
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If you’re looking for a great bird event coming up soon, look no further than the LIPS (Long Island Parrot Society) 2008 Parrot Expo. This annual parrot expo is the only major exotic bird exhibition to take place in Long Island. It is a great place to find like-minded bird lovers, to buy your feathered friends some great treats and to learn more about your beloved pet.

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